UV Lash Glue - Adhesive Max


Adhesive Max: The Ultimate UV Lash Glue for Long-Lasting Elegance

1s curing Adhesive Max.

The pinnacle of UV lash extension technology with Adhesive Max — your top choice for
UV lash glue as the most long-lasting lash adhesive.
Our avant-garde photoreactive formula delivers unparalleled bond strength, setting new standards for durability and sophistication for all lash glues.

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and face-sleepers, people with sensitive eyes, Adhesive Max promises superior performance. Experience the transformative blend of advanced chemistry and meticulous craftsmanship with our adhesive, designed for exceptional retention and unparalleled comfort across all skin types. Available across Canada, including Toronto, Adhesive Max invites you to discover a lash extension experience that transcends expectations, ensuring your lash artistry shines in every environment.

Adhesive Max Features

UV/LED Compatibility: Perfectly formulated for 395nm-420nm, 5W UV LED lash systems, Adhesive Max is the ultimate UV lash adhesive for professional use.

Extremely Rapid 1s Adhesive Max sets the standard for fastest-curing eyelash glue, optimizing lash application efficiency.

Crystal Clear Color: Achieve invisible bonds with our clear lash glue, ensuring flawless UV LED lash extensions application every time.

Precision Thin Viscosity: Crafted for exact application, this professional lash adhesive allows for unparalleled accuracy.

Clean-Formulation: Latex and formaldehyde-free, Adhesive Max is the safest choice for sensitive clients seeking hypoallergenic lash glue.

4 Seasons Humidity Performance: Our lash adhesive thrives in any humidity, making it the most versatile long-lasting lash glue on the market.

All-Temperature Resilience: Performs flawlessly across temperature variations, reinforcing its status as a reliable eyelash extension glue.

Unmatched 12-Week Retention: Double the durability of conventional adhesives, establishing Adhesive Max as the premier durable lash glue.

Bond Strength: Designed for enduring wear, our formula provides the strongest UV lash extensions bond, ideal for all sorts of clients.

Minimal Fumes: Specially formulated for sensitive eyes, our low-fume lash adhesive prioritizes client comfort.

Expert-Level Formulation: Exclusive to skilled professionals, ensuring top-tier results with every application.

Optimal Shelf life: A 5-month shelf life guarantees the freshness of our 5 ml bottles.

Water and Oil Resistance: Offers immediate water contact post-application, with oil-resistant properties to maintain bond integrity.

No more bonders: Eliminates the need for additional bonders, with a primer needed only sparingly, reinforcing cost-efficiency for lash application.

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