Toronto Lash Supplies Instant Lash and Brow Keratin Lift Kit

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Our very own keratin lash lift kit is finally here- sodium bromate free! 

Extremely quick processing times* (5-7 mins for step 1,2 and 2 mins for step 3)

  This kit features air tight pump bottles for each solution. Air tight pump bottles are the newest form of packaging for lash lift kits!  Solutions are packaged in an air tight pump bottle allowing solutions to have a much longer shelf life ( even after opening), zero chances of contamination and reduces waste ( unlike individual packages of each solution) 

Timing for Lash Lift:

step 1 : 6-7 mins for average lashes, up to 9 mins for thick lashes

step 2: 7-8 mins for average lashes , up to 10 mins for thick lashes 

step 3- 3 mins 

Each Kit Includes

1 Lash lift Glue

1 lifting lotion in air pump bottle

1 setting lotion in air pump bottle

1 nourishing lotion in air pump bottle

5 pairs shields (small and medium)

3 y  combs

For brow lifting*

- Clean the eyebrow area
- Apply glue on any unruly hairs using a brush to brush the hairs up.
- Carefully Apply step 1 Lifting on the eyebrows avoiding the skin around
- Leave on for 3- 5min
- Remove Step 1 with a dry cotton pad
- Apply step 2 Fixing on the eyebrows avoiding the skin around.
- Leave on for 3-5 min
- Remove step 2 with a dry cotton pad
- Apply Step 3 Nourish on the eyebrows
- Leave on for 3-5 min
- Remove step 3 with a dry cotton pad
- Style eyebrows to your liking ( wax, trim etc)


Step 1: water , thioglycolate, ethanolamine, cetearyl alcohol, oleth-30, ammonia, pentasodium pentetate

Step 2: water, sodium stannate, cetearyl alcohol, hedp, hydrogen peroxide, disodium phosphate

Step 3: water, keratin, portulaca oleracea extract, sophora flavescens root extract, helianthus annus seed oil , triethanolamine, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxy benzyl ester. 

Glue : water, polyvinyl phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, glycerin 


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