Clear Gel Remover Whole Sale

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Pack of 10 clear gel remover - save 30$ for buying the whole sale option!

This gel removes lashes effortlessly by dissolving adhesive so the fake lash slides right off the real one! 

Leave the gel on eyelash extensions for 3-5 minutes and slowly begin to remove lashes with a Q-Tip or tweezers. Please ensure that you are not using too too much gel for the comfort of the client (a small penny sized drop is enough for eye). 

Make sure to throughly rinse lashes before allowing client to open eyes in order to minimize any burning sensation. 


-15 ml

-Gel type consistency

-Transparent in color 

-6 months shelf life

-Made in Korea

Ingredient List

water, propylene carbonate, polyethylene glycol, ethoxyethanol, fragrance 


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